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Hello there, my name is Mal and I am the proud owner of Haliwaves Entertainment. As a seasoned DJ with over 25 years of experience, my love of music has been with me since my childhood, listening to all kinds of genres. In 1985, I took the plunge and played my first gig, and since then, I have built up a great following by performing at local bars, clubs, hotels, and function rooms across Norfolk & Suffolk. Venues such as Taras, Faze One, The Tube, and Pepermint Park in Norwich city are just a few of the places where I have entertained crowds with my eclectic music selection.

As a professional DJ, I understand the importance of catering to my clients' musical preferences. That's why I'm incredibly versatile, and regularly perform at weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more. I always put the customer first, so you can rest assured that your night will be fantastic!

With my extensive experience and vast music knowledge, I am confident that I can provide you with the perfect soundtrack for any occasion. No event or gathering is complete without a skilled and knowledgeable music lover at the helm, and that's precisely what I offer. My DJ services cover Norfolk & Suffolk areas, and I have curated soundtracks to memorable nights at Weddings, Birthdays, parties, and events.

My ultimate goal is to provide my customers with a professional and enjoyable experience that exceeds their expectations. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that your event will be in good hands. Get in touch today to see how I can elevate your special occasion with my music!

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Why wait? Contact me today to start planning your unforgettable event! I am committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction and I am confident that I can meet and exceed your expectations. Whether you are located in Norfolk or Suffolk, I have got you covered!

Simply drop me a message and share some details about your event, and I'll get back to you promptly. I am excited to hear from you and to start planning the perfect soundtrack for your special occasion. So don't delay, get in touch today!

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